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I'm freelance web designer & developer
Ondrej Huk with nickname Andy

I'm based in Prague, Czechia and I work worldwide.
I speak Czech, English, Spanish, HTML.

And this is my story...

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2006 - first job

In 2003, I built my first website while attending university. During my studies, I was learning how to become a CEO of a nuclear power plant. At that moment, I realized I would not end up in the same job as Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. Mr. Bearns

I fell in love with the process of building and creating something new and fresh. I wanted to develop solutions that could help others. For my diploma thesis, I created a website and a management system for the faculty. Mr. Bearns

After obtaining my master’s degree, I immediately started searching for jobs in online solutions. My first opportunity came at B Media Solutions, where I began as a salesperson for web solutions.

However, I soon realized that I wasn’t cut out for sales. My role shifted to account manager, and I found myself enjoying this new position. I took care of key clients within the company such as Bohemia Sekt, Best, Horsefeathers etc.

After spending 5 years at B Media, I made the decision to move to England.

2011 - abroad

In 2011, the economic crisis that occurred in 2008 began to take its toll, and the situation at my workplace became uncertain. It was an opportune moment for a change, so I decided to move to England.

One of my main goals was to avoid working with computers all day long and to improve my English, which I had only learned in school.

The transition was challenging, and after 3 months, I found some simple jobs, mostly in kitchens. Working near a beach in Brighton, making hamburgers, felt like a dream job — at least for my brain and stress levels.

Despite spending a year in England, I still didn’t understand a word of English, probably due to the bloody Brighton accent 😄.

It was time to move to Spain!

2012 - freelancer

4 years after the economic crisis, Spain continued to struggle. Finding a job without knowing the language seemed pointless. So, I logically returned to the digital screen and embarked on a web design journey — this time as a freelancer. Being a freelance web developer is both liberating and challenging, especially when it comes to gaining trust from new clients who often prefer local collaborators.

In this point I should learn Spanish. Instead I quickly improve my English to be fluent.

When I moved to Canary Islands it was tough and I almost quit. But in the last moment I met sweet couple Martin and Adriana from Venezuela with their cool company Blitz Coworking. They let me stay in their coworking place where I found new clients but mainly new friends. It was a remarkable period, and I worked on intriguing projects. For instance, I developed the mobile version of a website for a public transport company in Tenerife.

I'm very gratefull and appreciate to those clients who trusted me even when I moved to Mexico in 2016 (where I finally become fluent in Spanish) and I was still working for them from other countries, like Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

My journey took me to the other side of the world, where I explored South East Asia for over a year. Eventually, around 2019, I returned to my birth country, Czechia.

2019 - Prague

Since 2019, I’ve been living in Prague, and I absolutely love it here. Just before the onset of COVID, I began working as a contractor for a significant company called LMC (now known as Alma Career). Alma Career is the largest provider of labor market services in Czechia.

I gain some new skills as Twig and React and colaborate in middle size team. It was great time of 3 years with very interesting people and I'm really happy that sometimes they still invite me for a beer after work.

- now

Now, I find myself once again relishing the freedom of being a freelancer, crafting web designs in my unique style. Each day, I eagerly acquire fresh skills and seek out new challenges.

If you’ve journeyed with me this far, it seems that perhaps the next chapter of my work life will be written together with you.

I’m already looking forward to it! 🚀

As Paul Newman used to say:
A!! right,
a!! right,
a!! right...

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Ondrej Huk